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Problems and Issues

  • When should I contact Strap customer service?

    * To purchase a strap calling card
    * If you experience problems using the strap calling cards
    * If you have questions regarding our phone card products
    * You have had no luck with the carrier technical support and are still experiencing problems, To contact us send email at support@straptelecom.com

  • When should I contact my phone card technical support?

    * For any technical issues (dead air, fast busy, audio, etc.)
    * For rate calculations
    * For lost minutes/$

    When you do contact the carrier, be prepared to provide the PIN, the number you were calling FROM when you had trouble, the number you were calling TO, the approximate time of the call, and details as to the trouble you were experiencing. Also, note that most carriers will not issue credits for problems that occurred more than 48 hours prior and/or if the problem call lasted more than 3 minutes. To contact us send email at support@straptelecom.com

  • Can I use a phone card from anywhere?

    You can use our cards to call any country in the world from any touch-tone phone in the (Continental) U.S. We also have cards you can use to call from nearly one hundred foreign countries back to the U.S. - at rates typically much less than direct-dialed calls from the originating country. You can use phone cards from home phones, cellular phones, pay phones, and hotel phones.

  • What are surcharges and service fees?

    strap calling card doesn’t charge a surcharge however, billing increment are per 360 seconds. For Example 3-mintues call will be charged as 6 minutes call.

  • What does it mean when a phone card expires after its "last" use?

    Strap calling cards are vaild for 45 days from first use and expires after 2 years if strap calling card is only used once .

  • Still have questions?

    A Customer Service Representative will be glad to assist you. Please Contact us at Support@Straptelecom.com We will answer your questions promptly.

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